Be a great panelist
our training can show you how to:
  • Start strong and convey your personal brand
  • Speak concisely
  • Know what parts of your content are interesting to the audience
  • Highlight your organization’s values 
  • Showcase your organization’s talent
  • Alter your content based on the audience's knowledge
  • Handle tough to answer questions 
Moderating mastery
our training can teach you how to:
  • Write a catchy intro
  • Develop questions that get the conversation buzzing
  • Interrupt gracefully 
  • Handle audience Q&A
  • Draw out a quiet panelist
  • Craft a strong wrap-up


How to be a good panelist or moderator

Conferences and events are opportunities to share your knowledge and bolster your organization's reputation. 

Don’t just wing it. Our tools and techniques will help you connect with your audience. 

Get targeted training
And maximize your time in the spotlight
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